Zavoj Lake – Float Tour

Lake is located 16 km (9.9 mi) north of the town of Pirot, close to the Visočica mouth into the Temštica river and is not well connected with the rest of Serbia. Settlements in the vicinity of the lake, which is among the least populated in the entire Serbia, include Novi Zavoj, Velika Lukanja and Pakleštica.

On February 25, 1963 a huge landslide from the sunny side of the Stara Planina rushed into the valley of the Visočica River and dammed a river creating a natural earth dam which was 500 meters (1,600 ft) long and 50 meters (160 ft) high. Reservoir was created behind the dam, flooding the village of Zavoj. 

The tour lasts a full day (more than 6 hours) and the itinerary is as follows:

  • Visit the FLOAT DUDA on the lake with coffee/juice break
  • Panoramic tour of the lake by float boat,
  • Hiking to the village Gostuša (stone village)- 20 minutes one way
  • Gastronomic lunch on the boat during a tour on the lake.

The price of the tour is:

  • €110 for 1 person
  • €110 for 2 persons
  • €120 for 3 persons
  • €140 for 4 persons
  • €170 for 5 persons
  • €190 for 6 persons

The price includes transport costs, guide fees and lunch (without drinks)

. In case guests would like to have an A la Carte lunch, then they will settle their own bill on the spot.

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