Custom Tours

ShowMe was created as unique tour guiding service in order to provide a truly customized and local experience for tourists visiting our region. Beside a comprehensive tour offering in our Quick Tour, 1-Day Tour and Multi-Day Tour pages, Show me offers tailor-made tours based on your inputs, wishes, requests, preferences and interests. If being a part of a tour which you can really call your own is must for you, then look no further.

In order to create a tailor-made tour for you, please include the following information in your booking request:

  • The duration of your stay in Serbia, including the specific dates you will be willing to participate in the tour
  • Transport logistics and travel information (your arrival and departure dates, necessary pick ups and transfers etc.). Please state how many people will participate in the tour.
  • Accommodation information (or in case you need help with arranging those we provide those services as well).
  • General points of interests and must-have spots for your tour. Keep in mind that ShowMe is primarily focused on tours in Serbia (particularly the southern and eastern parts) but we are flexible in arranging tours that might include neighboring countries as well (Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania etc.)
  • Any special requests and points that have to be taken into account when putting together a tour for you (special meal plans for vegetarians, religious purposes etc, any unique accommodation requests you might have etc.). Basically anything that comes to your mind that would improve your tour experience.

Upon receiving your booking request, ShowMe will prepare a tailor-made tour for you with all the necessary details, including itinerary and logistics, budget etc. The tour can be further adapted and adjusted to your needs if necessary, until we agree on a final tour itinerary and details. 

For all your booking requests please contact us at