Nisevac Gorge Tour

Leave the busy city streets behind and experience the untouched nature of Nisevac Gorge, a beautiful natural gorge that is a part of the Sicevo Gorge complex. Through this small, 1.5 km-long, gorge river Timok is shaping the nature to its will. A picturesque railway ride along the gorge, featuring 36 tunnels is a joy to behold. Nisevac Gorge is also home to archeological finding from the old Thracian tribes, named Timahi, from which the river Timok borrowed its name. Along with an ancient Roman fortress and city of Svrljig, Nisevac Gorge is a pure gem just a short ride away from Nis.

The tour lasts a full day (more than 6 hours) and the itinerary is as follows:

  • Sightseeing of a church St. Ilija at the bottom of gorge
  • Visiting a fantastic panoramic spot near Niševac gorge.
  • Visit to a ethno museum in village Ravna
  • Tour of famous Jovic winery with wine tasting
  • Visit to the ethnological museum in Knjazevac
  • Gastronomic lunch break in the famous Restaurant Kamiondzije in Svrljig.

The price of the tour is:

  • €85 for 1 person
  • €90 for 2 persons
  • €120 for 3 persons
  • €160 for 4 persons
  • €180 for 5 persons
  • €200 for 6 persons

The price includes transport costs, guide fees and entrance tickets for various sites.

Cost of the pre-picked menu for the optional lunch is €12-15 per person. In case guests would like to have an A la Carte lunch, then they will settle their own bill on the spot.

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