Vlasinsko Jezero

Vlasinsko Jezero is the largest and the highest artificial lake in Serbia. Enjoy the crisp mountain air and beautiful nature, while cruising the calm waters of the lake.

The tours lasts a full day (more than 8 hours) with the following itinerary:

  • Departure from Niš/Niška Banja, at the prearranged spot, at 8AM
  • Travel through Surdulica towards Vlasinsko Jezero
  • Visit to Rosa, premium bottled water factory owned by Coca Cola. 
  • Upon arrival at Vlasinsko Jezero, boat ride on the lake, sightseeing of ”moving islands”.
  • Lunch break, famous original trout common to the lake.
  • Travelling back towards Niš, with stops in Crna Trava and Vlasotince for sightseeing.
  • Return to Niš in the evening hours.

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Fixed transport and guiding fee of €75 (up to 6 persons).
  • Cost of pre-picked menu for lunch is €10 per person. In case guests would like to have an A la Carte lunch, then they will settle their own bill on the spot.

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