Paragliding Tour

For adrenaline junkies and the ones who dream of flying, Niška Banja offers premier paragliding spot in South-Eastern Europe.

Paragliding flights are done under the supervision of trained professionals in a duplex paraglider where the instructor will be flying with the participant. The flights are usually between 30 and 45 minute long depending on the thermals, wind speed etc. Flights are done from Koritnik near Niska Banja, site of 2005 World Paragliding Championship.

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Fixed transport fee €20 (up to 6 persons).
  • Paragliding fee for the flight and instructors of €40 per person (people who join the tour, but don’t participate in the flights, do not pay this fee).

For all your booking inquiries and questions please contact us at  

We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation, transport and other logistics. If you are interested in any help in that area please mention it in your e-mail.