Quick Hike

For the active ones, who love to experience things and live life on the move. Unique location of Niš offers numerous quick hike opportunities. 

Quick hikes on average last between 2 and 5 hours, depending on the choice of our participants. We offer the following quick hike routes.

  • Niška Banja Park and Recreational Hiking Paths complex
  • Nišava Docklands Hike from Duvanište to Brzi Brod
  • Koritnik Uphill hike 
  • Bojanine Vode – Devojački Grob mountaineering hike

We also offer the possibility to combine hiking tours with some of our nature breaks or include medicinal herb collecting and education as a part of hiking tour. 

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Fixed Tour Guide fee of €20
  • Fixed Transport Fee of €20 (up to 6 persons)

For all your booking inquiries and questions please contact us at office@showme.rs  

We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation, transport and other logistics. If you are interested in any help in that area please mention it in your e-mail.