Relax Special

When you just need a day to relax, regenerate and treat your body and soul. Spend a day in Sense Wellness and Spa Center in Niška Banja. 

Sense Wellness & Spa Center offers a wide range of services, treatments whether it is just a few hours or a full day of relaxing activities. For a full list of services provided by Sense and price list please visit their website

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Transport and organizing fee of €30 (up to 6 persons)
  • Guests will settle the bill for services they have chosen in Sense Wellness & Spa. Most of the treatments vary between €3 and €15 per person.

For all your booking inquiries and questions please contact us at  

We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation, transport and other logistics. If you are interested in any help in that area please mention it in your e-mail.