Stara Planina 2

There are many ways to enjoy Stara Planina. Take the alternative route and see the side of Stara Planina that tourists often miss. 

The tour lasts a whole day (more than 8 hours) with the following itinerary:

  • Departure from pre-agreed spot in Niš/Niška Banja at 8AM
  • Travel to Stara Planina through Svrljig and Kalna
  • Visit to a village near Jabučko Ravnište
  • Upon the arrival at Stara Planina, coffee break in Hotel Falkensteiner
  • Panoramic views and spots and wild horse herds. Photo opportunities
  • Hiking Tour to Babin Zub 2 x 20 minutes
  • Lunch Break in Stara Planina Ski Center
  • Departure for Niš. Arrival in evening hours

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Fixed transport and guiding fee of €75 (up to 6 persons).
  • Cost of pre-picked menu for lunch is €10 per person. In case guests would like to have an A la Carte lunch, then they will settle their own bill on the spot.

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