Niš by River

See Niš and its surrounding from the calm waters of Nišava. A relaxing ride through the amazing landscapes surrounding the city and towards the historic city center will leave you breathless.

The tour is done with professional supervision of instructors that will make sure that all of the participants are safe and still have a great time. Along the way, participants can enjoy a number of unique localities around Niš. The total duration of the tour is around 4 hours without a BBQ Lunch break or 5 hours in total with the BBQ Lunch option.

Some of the sights that we will see along the way:

  • Wonderful nature and riverbanks
  • Barrel River House
  • Chanting Spot of local Witch Zorica
  • Spot where famous Niš Kalfa Aleksa drowned
  • Tropico River Cafe and Koliba Restaurant
  • All of historical sites seen from the river

The price of the tour consists of:

  • Fixed transport fee €20 (up to 6 persons).
  • Fee for equipment and boat rental, including instructors of €25 per person participating in the tour.
  • There is an optional fee for a BBQ lunch in the nature of €10 per person, if chosen.

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We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation, transport and other logistics. If you are interested in any help in that area please mention it in your e-mail.


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